Welcome to Becoming The Sum Of One. 

Our mission is to provide every student in Harrisburg school district with a scholarship

John 15:5

“He is the vine, 

we are the branches.”



  the Key!


William Cooley, President

Marlon Carter, Vice-president

The Late John Jackson, Founder (obituary)

Gerald Biller, Acting Treasurer

Michael K. Jackson, Treasurer

Terrence Jackson, Acting Secretary

LaTanya George, Ed. Comm. Chair

Board Members

Lori A. Saulisbury

Cindy Moody

Carol Bullock

Jimmy Webster

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Becoming The Sum of One

P.O. Box 3892

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105-3893

Phone: 717-635-9094 or 717-712-4130

E-mail: becomingthesumofone@gmail.com

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